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Here is what some of your Scottsdale neighbors are saying about Banner’s plans for an unneeded hospital near Hayden and the 101.

Would you like your voice to be heard? Please email Scottsdale’s Mayor and City Council and let them know you support quality healthcare, local neighborhoods, and Scottsdale’s firefighters and oppose Banner’s plans.

Mayor David Ortega

Scottsdale City Council

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I am hoping everyone will please take a moment to reflect on the wonderful city Scottsdale is now, in spite of all the large apartment complexes being built around town and other huge buildings going on.

The new Banner Health Hospital proposed at Hayden and the 101 will 'saturate' the health care market that already exists in Scottsdale. With 3 wonderful Honor Health Hospitals and the Mayo Hospital maintaining Scottsdale's stellar care, there is no need other than Banners' greed.

It will also dilute the medical work force already stretched thin everywhere is this city/state/country.

Just say NO!!

Thanks and Regards,

Mary Calaway,
Scottsdale Resident
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Mayor and Council,

I wish to let you know that I am opposed to having a new hospital built on Hayden and the 101. I am opposed for the following reasons:

  1. This hospital is absolutely unnecessary. We already have two hospitals within 2 miles of this location.
  2. It will not improve the healthcare in the area. In fact, with the shortage of doctors and nurses we have both in Scottsdale and statewide, we could see an increase in wait times and costs for Scottsdale residents.
  3. Both the HonorHealth and Shea Medical Center have existing bed capacity and expansion plans to provide more should the need arise.
  4. It will create additional traffic in that area that the community doesn't want.
  5. A hospital the size Banner is proposing uses about 165,000 gallons of water per day, a commodity that is in short supply.

I therefore ask that you not support the Banner Health proposal.


Michael Husar,
Scottsdale Resident
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I am a Scottsdale resident, and I am opposed to Banner building a hospital at Hayden and the 101. I’m also a Banner employee! And I’m still opposed to it!

Jesse Shriki,
Scottsdale Resident
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To the proposed new Banner Hospital proposal, we do not need or want the new hospital.

Linda Popp,
Scottsdale Resident
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My name is Ken Ross. I live in Grayhawk and urge you to NOT let Banner Health build an unnecessary hospital at 101 and Hayden. As you know there’s a hospital very close by, and we already have traffic, noise and water issues. I appreciate your consideration.

Ken Ross,
Scottsdale Resident
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